You can pay monthly or annually for English packages!

There’s an undeniable beauty about the best elements of the English language, with its potential for poetry and unique expression.

We want our children to discover the wonder felt when this language is used to its best potential and we believe, in order to allow that, they first need to learn the foundation rules on grammar, punctuation and composition, plus much more.

Our ENGLISH lessons give them the opportunity to do just that at OoberKidsRepublic!

We offer a wide variety of packages in varying combinations that incorporate English: whether it’s a single subject package for English or a combined subject package containing Science and/or Mathematics.

Our single lesson packages work out to be less than 33 pence per day! Get great discounts by paying in one lump sum or, if you like to spread the cost, simply use our monthly payments option.

Packages can also include subjects across two school years or just be dedicated to the school year that you feel best suits your child.

There is also a parents' forum, the OoberCafé , through which parents and guardians can communicate with each other and travel around most of the site themselves!

Our lessons have been created by some of the best, most experienced and innovative primary school teachers and tutors. Lessons contain ten English subjects, all closely relating to the National Curriculum. Each subject contains ten questions per visit. And because we want to give our children as much variety as possible, each subject will have up to 100 questions in its database. These will be varied randomly for each visit, so our children are met with different questions each time they re-visit a subject!

The children also get the chance to enjoy all the fun elements on the site, to meet our cheerful characters on Grovington Green and to test themselves on our wonderful Spelling Bus, which is absolutely free of charge.

Visit our shop to find our more and register with us!

Cheery Ciao,

The Oober Team
We can’t wait to see you on the green!

*This offer applies to full homework products

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