We realise there is a wide range of products to choose from to support your child/ren in their educational journey, so here are a few reasons why we believe you can trust us:

What is OoberKidsRepublic?

OoberKidsRepublic is the online educational website where learning is an adventure. We offer our subscribers a wide and innovative range of Key Stage 2 (KS2) English, Maths and Science lessons devised by experienced and passionate teachers/ tutors, who keep themselves updated on and engaged in the latest educational developments.


What does OoberKidsRepublic offer?

English, Maths and Science mini-tests, backed by extra background information known as 'top tips' and featuring three levels of proficiency (starter, intermediate and advanced) to make sure every child is engaged and encouraged. Our aim is to help you educate and amuse your child/ren/pupils, while guiding them from the basics to the more complex aspects of each topic. Our English, Maths & Science modules are split into ten course subjects. These are:






Counting and understanding numbers

Handling data

Knowing and using number facts


Understanding shapes

Using and applying Maths


All about commas

Adjectives and adverbs: improve the description in your writing

Improve your spelling

Improve your punctuation

Prefixes and suffixes

Using connectives to improve your writing

All about nouns

All about verbs

All about speech marks

All about pronouns


Changing materials


Forces and motions

Grouping materials

Ideas and evidence

Investigative skills

Life processes

Light and sound

Living organisms

Science is all around you!


OoberKidsRepublic also offers…

Apart from thousands of mini quizzes on our core subjects, we also provide a language improvement programme called 'Language Bus', history tips in the 'Fancy Dress' shop, e-cards to get your kids into the habit of writing, cookery tips (mostly Italian family recipes), yoga videos and much more fun and games.


How does it work?

English, Maths and Science tests are available on the website. Once an adult enrols a child, s/he can log on with her/his personal username and password and take English, Maths and Science tests. Every time children sit a test, they can print out a certificate or e-mail it to friends and family, they also accrue points they can redeem to buy their avatars treats and accessories. The more they work, the more points they earn. Adults receive e-mail updates on the test results.


Why should I choose OoberKidsRepublic?


How much does OoberKidsRepublic cost?

We believe education is a ‘basic’ of life not a ‘luxury’, so we price our services accordingly. Our prices depends on the subscription you choose. A subscription to one subject only costs the equivalent of a latte & a muffin. We also give you choice; you can subscribe to one subject, two subjects or all three for a few days, weeks or for a whole year AND you can opt for one single age group (for example: English & Maths Year 3) or you can even mix age groups (for example: Year 3 English & Year 4 Maths). The point is: it will not break the bank AND you can pay monthly, if you prefer to spread the cost. See for yourself here.


Can I get a discount?

Y-E-S, YES! If you take an annual subscription and pay in one instalment, you can save a lot. Just select an annual subscription in the shop, click on the icon and the discount is automatically yours! We also have flash sales via our social media, so keep an eye out. If you represent a charity or a non-profit educational organisation, we can arrange a special deal for you, just e-mail Cecilia: [email protected].


Can I use your educational material for a short time?

Yes, we offer five, eight, 10-day or 30-day temporary subscriptions. These are ideal to get a taste of our services or to use OoberKidsRepublic as a revision tool.


Can I have free samples?

Of course! Log on to OoberKidsRepublic click on the icon and explore our English, Maths or Science samples, simply by clicking on the icons.


I have a voucher code. How can I use it to redeem my subscription/s?

If you already have an account, log in and click on the Redeem Voucher icon, in your admin panel and follow the step-by-step instructions to redeem your subscription/s.

When you are taken to the shop, choose the subscription included in your voucher code (for example: for a Year 3 English, Maths & Science subscription click on Annual subscriptions, Three subjects and Year 3). When prompted to ‘buy’ that subscription, click on the ‘buy now’ icon (see example below)

Then input your allocated voucher code, in the Voucher Code space.

Click on Apply and continue to follow the instructions.

Our system is designed to make this process easy and intuitive, but if you have any problems at all along the way get in touch, e-mailing [email protected]

If you do not yet have an account , start by registering here and follow the instructions.


OoberKidsRepublic is right for you if you are or represent…


What happens when I or my company sponsor/s a class or a school?

Sponsoring a school is the best gift you can give to your community. When you sponsor a class or a school, you can either indicate a sponsorship recipient or, if you prefer, we can find one for you, taking care of all the practical aspects: liaising with the right person at the school, enrolling the children, making sure their subscriptions run smoothly and keeping the responsible teacher/s abreast of news. Your generosity meanwhile will be celebrated (unless you choose to remain anonymous): we will post news of your sponsorship on our Facebook page and will mention it in our newsletters.


What steps have you taken to make OoberKidsRepublic safe?

Our top priority is to protect your child while they enjoy our online experience. While we recommend supervising your child when they use the internet, we have taken steps to ensure their safety when they use our website.

We have established links with officially recognised child-protection and internet safety organisations, such as the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and Childnet International, whose focus is on children’s internet safety.

OoberKidsRepublic™ is also registered with the UK Information Commissioner, responsible for ensuring that organisations such as ours take all necessary steps to protect the online, personal data. We also do not store your passwords (children’s or adults’). When you sign up we send you editable jpeg files, we call them ‘log in cards’. You can save your log in cards in your computer and edit them every time you change your details or you can print them off. The point is: your passwords remain private and in the best hands possible: yours!


What is the Chat Hut?

We sometimes organise chatting sessions for our subscribers. We recommend parents to always supervise their children but we also monitor each chat hut session. Children will be allowed to help each other with homework but they will not be allowed to cut and paste from the premium material. Kids will not be allowed to use their real names and no exchange of personal details will be allowed during their chatroom sessions either. Inappropriate language would lead to exclusion from the ongoing session and, if repeated, it would result in complete expulsion from the chat hut.


I want my child to be more physically active. Can you help?

We understand this is a pressing concern for most parents these days. With OoberKidsRepublic you can actually encourage an active life style with OoberKidsRepublic by awarding extra points to your kids for activities such as having regular walks or running errands. The points will accrue when an adult clicks on the ‘Give Points’ icon available in the Manage Children section available in each adult’s profile.

Additionally, we publicise free, child-friendly activities for all the family in our Fun Event Shop.


What else is on offer?

Parents/teachers/tutors, you have access to our beautifully illustrated parents' forum - the OoberCafé. If you like trying new recipes, check our cookery page for a taste of traditional Italian cookery. We also discuss the educational and parenting issues of the day in our blog. Life is very busy and at OoberKidsRepublic we’d like to help you keep ahead of dentist appointments, ballet classes, tennis tutorials or drama classes. Make a note in the Things To Do icon in the Manage Children section available in each adult’s profile, select a date for the reminder and we will e-mail you to remind you of this all- important ‘thing to do’.

Children, have your say with our surveys, keep in touch with friends and family with our e-cards or relax with our fun yoga videos and games.


Who prepares the educational material?

We are very lucky to have secured three experienced and highly qualified primary school teachers/tutors. The yoga videos are provided by a qualified teacher while managing director, Cecilia Valente, is responsible for the recipes, news and blogs. For more information check the ‘About’ page.


Who can subscribe?

English speaking primary school age children. OoberKidsRepublic's subscriptions are ideal presents from parents, guardians or grandparents and friends to the special kids in their lives. We also offer corporate sponsorships for employees, classes or schools.
Interested? E-mail us:[email protected]


How do you keep in touch?

OoberKidsRepublic will keep subscribers abreast of all news about the site via , , , or posts. We will also give head-ups on discounts and competitions via our , which you can join today.


Can your English, Maths, Science homework material be used outside England and Wales?

Yes, but the educational material officially reflects the National Curriculum used in England and Wales.


Is the material suitable for special needs children?

We regret that the current material is not designed for special needs children. We are working on establishing links with special needs online educational providers and we will keep parents updated. Watch this space!


Will boys and girls be offered different educational games?

Each child is You-nique and different. Our full-time subscribers will have a chance to personalise their avatars, choose e-cards for friends and family, select the activities that suit/interest them most but there will be no gender differentiation.


OoberKidsRepublic's core values are…

Education is a 24/7 adventure and every child is You-Nique. Every child matters.


OoberKidsRepublic's mission is...

To help you nurture children to believe in, speak and think for themselves. We want to help you instil love for knowledge and discovery into your kids/pupils.


OoberKidsRepublic's vision is...

To become the online educational tool of choice for families, schools, tutors, home-schooling parents and anyone interested in learning.

OoberKidsRepublic's pledges...

To remain true to our values of listening to parents, teachers, tutors, educators and, of course, kids. Get in touch with us any time you like, we’d love a good chat! Or write to Cecilia, the company’s founder: [email protected]. We want to offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality and enthusiasm.


Who runs OoberKidsRepublic?

Cecilia and a team of experts. Check the 'About' icon.


What does OoberKidsRepublic mean?

'Oober' means 'great', 'super' and it reflects our opinion of children and their potential. We want to offer something for each and every one of them.


Why it’s important to logout when you have finished?

Please make sure that you log out when you have finished using OoberKidsRepublic. If you do not, your session continues and, if someone else happens to login from the same computer/tablet, s/ he may be able to see your information. Protect your details, always log out.


Have we forgotten something?

We hope we have given you enough information to help you make up your mind but if you would like to know more, write to Cecilia ([email protected]) with any questions or queries.

Many thanks and cheery ciao,

Cecilia and the OoberKidsRepublic Team!